Kitty O’Se’s was envisioned, designed, and built with one purpose in mind: great craic. You’ll find a warm and authentic atmosphere, delicious food and drink, and lively traditional music; people often tell us that their experience at Kitty’s was the highlight of their time in Kinsale. Our patrons are a friendly mix of locals and people from around the world, so you never know who you’ll end up chatting with if you decide to sit at the bar — we’ve even served a fair few celebrities!

What is the craic? There’s good craic, mighty craic, savage craic, deadly craic, and sometimes the craic is even ninety. It’s a general buzz about a place where the conversations and pints flow in equal measure, and it’s best when there’s the hum of music and dancing in the background. You’ll find every category of craic here at Kitty’s depending on what time you visit us. In the winter you’ll discover genuine conversations with locals about history, culture, sport, and the town gossip. If you choose to visit on a Saturday evening in the summer you’ll be swept up in the mightiest craic you’ve ever witnessed with joyful dancing, musicians standing on counter tops, and two hundred people singing in chorus. There’s something for everyone at Kitty O’Se’s.

So stop by for a visit when you’re in Kinsale. Let the music enchant you, the drink warm you, and the conversations keep you. But beware: many people have walked through Kitty O’Se’s doors for a visit and then ended up staying in Kinsale for good, so there’s a serious risk of falling in love with the place while you’re here.

Good people drink good beer.Hunter S. Thompson